May 19, 2009

Lost at IKEA

Today we had a bit of an adventure.  We went in to Calgary to scope out the kitchen's at IKEA.  I found what I wanted quite quickly and for the first time in my life I didn't choose the most expensive option possible.  It is well known that IKEA is just a maze that has pretty things that you can buy in it.  Well my Ray Ray decided that yesterday would be the day to run off and hide.  I found her within seconds but while I was stalking her Jake and Bex continued on through the maze.  Jake sent Bex back to tell me to hurry up.  I acknowledged her and she went be to where she thought her daddy was but he wasn't so she went to find me.  I had moved to chase Ray Ray down another section.  WELL!  that sent my sensitive Bex into panic mode.  I caught up to Jake and asked him where Bex was.   HOLY CRAP! (that was the look on his face)  So we both turned around to look for her.  After 2 min of not breathing we found her with an employee of the Maze and she ran at her daddy and gave him a hug that would take your breath away.  Of course this sleep deprived and emotional mommy started to tear up.

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  1. That is so scary to lose a child! IKEA is kind of a crazy maze anyway. I am glad that you found her. Every mother feels for you because we have all lost one once or twice!


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