January 27, 2012

January 24, 2012

All About Me

I borrowed this from my friends' blog. I hope she doesn't mind.

A. age : 30

B. bed size : Queen but lately it has been feeling more like a single cause I am a whale (37 weeks preggers) and my 2 girls (7 and 5 yrs old) have taken to climbing in to 'cuddle' us for half the night.

C. chore that you hate : Bathing dogs and putting away laundry

D. dogs : 10 dogs, 13 cats, 1 goats, 2 rabbits, 6 mini potbellied pigs, 1 turkey, and soon 20 chickens

F. favorite colour : Red

G. gold or silver : Silver

H. height : 5 Foot 4 Inches
I. instruments you play : Flute, violin, and piano

J. job title : Mom

K. kids : Becca-7yrs, Rach-5yrs, Ez-3yrs, Isaac-18 mo, and Abel due Feb 14th

L. live : outside Delia AB, on a 6 acre farm

M. mother’s name : Dixie

N. nicknames :  Krym

O. overnight hospital stays : Giving birth

P. pet peeves :  if you make a mess clean it up!  oh and really stupid people or animals

Q. quote from a movie : I'm not a witch, I am your wife!

R. right or left handed : Right

S. siblings : I'm the oldest of 5.  3 sister and 1 brother.

T. time you wake up : 6:00 am.  But only because I have children.  If I could I'd probably sleep all day. But that could just be because I have been sleep deprived for 8 years.

U. underwear : Yes, I wear underwear

V. vegetable you hate : asparagus, and eggplant

W. what makes you run late : me, I don't plan well enough. My husband loves to be early. I am usually late!

X. x-rays you’ve had : Teeth
Y. yummy food that you make :  Well I like to blow my own horn and say that 80% of what I make is yummy.

Z. zoo animal : I live in a zoo so...my kids :)
I would love to hear all about you! Do it if you have a blog or leave me a message.