April 18, 2011

Help! My Computer is Rebelling!

Well right now I am using an iMac with 2/3 of a screen.  Here is the story...
Our iMac is a 2005.  This model was made in Korea.  This batch has a fault in the LCD screen.  It gets dead pixel lines vertically on the screen in a variety of colors.  Then you get blocks of white or/and black.  So instead of buying these with our tax refund:
MacBook Pro 2011

{I still covet one of these in the worst way! So if anyone wants to give me one that would be awesome!}
We just have set up an external screen.  But the cables to do so are on order.  I really love Macs but I wish is was easier to do thing with non-Mac hardware!  Real Pain in the butt!

What's your favorite tech toy or tool?