April 18, 2011

Help! My Computer is Rebelling!

Well right now I am using an iMac with 2/3 of a screen.  Here is the story...
Our iMac is a 2005.  This model was made in Korea.  This batch has a fault in the LCD screen.  It gets dead pixel lines vertically on the screen in a variety of colors.  Then you get blocks of white or/and black.  So instead of buying these with our tax refund:
MacBook Pro 2011

{I still covet one of these in the worst way! So if anyone wants to give me one that would be awesome!}
We just have set up an external screen.  But the cables to do so are on order.  I really love Macs but I wish is was easier to do thing with non-Mac hardware!  Real Pain in the butt!

What's your favorite tech toy or tool?


  1. An iPad is on my wishlist as well!! But my fav would be my external hard drive...I use it all the time!! (besides my camera!)

  2. I love my external HD. I store all my digital scrapbooking/graphic design materials there.

  3. Sean has an iPad I would give it to you but I think I would be divorced! I want to try a Mac but I am to chicken so we bought PC again!

  4. Macs are amazing to work with! I don't think I will ever use PC again!

  5. I love your name! That is so original! One of the favorites I've found.

    As far as technology goes, I have to tell you, we just got wireless 2 weeks ago and so my life has greatly improved. The dial-up was frustrating me!

    Sorry about your computer. I wish I could give you an iPad!

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