March 15, 2012

30 Ways to Celebrate Spring

1. Plant something
2. Visit a farm and play/watch baby animals (the cuter the better!)
3. Splash in puddles of melted snow
4. Have a picnic at a favorite park
5. Make homemade bubble refill station
6. Make jelly bean bracelets
7. Make a kite
8. Go fly it
9. Eat Dirt
10. Make a Festive Spring pentant
11. Make  Tissue paper poms in Spring colors
12. Open your windows and let the fresh breeze in
13. Dye clothes pins and hang your clothes outside to dry.
14. Plant Jelly Beans
15. Make a Simple Spring Skirt
16. Twirl
17. Decorate Hot Rocks
18. Make Footprint butterfly art
19. Make and Enjoy a Strawberry Skillet Pie
20. Put out nesting materials for the birds
21. Read outside on a blanket or hammock
22. Bake bread in a flower pot
23. Have a garage sale
24. Plan your garden
25. Hunt for a 4 leaf clover
26. Play with your food
27. Put away the winter boots, mittens, and hats
28. Spring Cleaning with fun music
29. Make your own Sunshine
30. Put fresh flowers in your kitchen

Dont forget a Spring Safety Checkup

Paper Flower Ornament

I was asked how I did this ornament from this post .

How to:

1. Cut one piece of 8 1/2" x 11" paper into 1" strips (oriented landscape so you end up with 11 strips).

2. Stack them and staple them once in the center, then fold the stack in half to form a little book. (If the strips are too long for your stapler to reach the center, either trim them a bit shorter or swing your stapler open and staple the stack on a magazine or cutting mat. Then bend the staple closed.)

3. Put a little piece of double-stick tape at the tip of the first "page." Then bend it inward toward the center and stick it down. Repeat for every "page" until you have a circular flower shape.

4. Hang with invisible thread. (Yeah, there is such a thing! You can buy clear thread at a fabric store.)  or you can use clear fishing line.