About the Mom

Hi!  Welcome.  I'm the Mom around here.  {and that makes me the BOSS}
My name is Krymsen.

I am the Mommy of 2 little mommies (7 and 5) and 3 handsome cowboys (3 1/2, 22 mo, and 2 months).  I am also the mom to 9 Staffordshire Bull Terriers and 1 Cane Corso(the furry kids). Our 'Farm' is home to 100 hens, one really pissy rooster, 4 potbellied pigs, 1 pregnant goat 'Milly', and 3 'easter' bunnies
I love to Cook! {and pretend to be domestic}

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  1. I love the streamlined blog look Krymsen!!! Hopefully things slow down enough here I can actually start blogging again....


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