May 27, 2009

A B C D E F...about ME ME ME!

Grabbed this from and thought it looked like fun.

• Are you available? Nope
• What is your age? 27 but for about 2 months I thought i was 28
• What annoys you? Stupid people.  I can tolerate unintelligent people (cause I am not so smrt) but ignorant and socially dumb people make me want to slap something.

• Do you know anyone named Billy? only a Bill the tattooed wonder
• When is your birthday? Jan 4
• Who is your best friend? I have a bunch of close friends but I have moved too much to have a true best friend as an adult

• What's your favorite candy? Chocolate covered cashews

• Crush? I still have a one on my Jake
• When was the last time you cried? At the end of Marley and Me 2 nights ago

• Do you daydream? All the time, today it was about winning 74 million and all the chocolate i could buy!
• What's your favorite kind of dog? The invisible kind. The kind that doesn't live at my house.  but seriously it is the Jack the Stafford kind.  No matter how many dogs we have or get (6 at present) Jack will always be my fav
• What day of the week is it? Monday evening

• How do you like your eggs? many ways.  over medium or eggs benedict or soft boiled.
• Have you ever been in the emergency room? yes with Jake and Rebecca on seperate occations...each time made me question public health care.
• Ever pet an elephant? no but that would be fun

• Do you use fly swatters? Yes, I even caught one mid-air in my hand the other day.
• Have you ever used a foghorn? Yes at a football game
• Is there a fan in your room? Yes, my hubby's a fan of mine.

• Do you chew gum? not really,  when I was about 14 I saw myself chewing it and I didn't like what I saw so I don't do that anymore

• Do you like gummy candies? Oh Yes please!  
• Do you like gory movies? NO!

• How are you? Fabulous of course!
• What's your height?. stumpy
• What color is your hair? Brown right now...I actually found my first grey today!

• What's your favorite ice cream? You mean i have to have only one?!
• Have you ever ice skated? Yes, I live in Canada for pete's sake!
• Ever been in an igloo? No, but I did try to convince my 4th grade class in Minnesota that back in Canada I lived in one.

• What's your favorite Jelly Bean? Cherry
• Have you ever heard a really hilarious joke? Yes and i peed a little
• Do you wear jewelry? Wedding rings all the time, earrings and necklaces hardly change.

• Do you know Karate? Wax on Wax off
• Have you ever flown a kite? Duh.
• Do you think kangaroos are cute? Not really

• Are you laidback? It depends on the topic.  The Laundry=yes  quality of food in my house=no
• Lions or Tigers? ???
• Do you like black licorice? NO and I hate it when Jake eats it and kisses me...i'm shuttering a bit just thinking about it.

• Favorite movie as a kid? Goonies
• Ever shopped at Moosejaw? NOPE
• Favorite store at the mall? Freak!  I live in Drumheller...what mall!

• Do you have a nickname? I have had many.  and everyone involved have been threatened if they dare repeat one!
• Whats your favorite number? 4
• Do you prefer night or day? night cause my kidlets are asleep and i can get something done without the 'mommy look at me' or 'mommmmm she's touching me!'

• What's your one wish? To be happy
• Are you an only child? No,  I have 4 sibs.  
• Do you like the color orange? not really.  It makes me think of high school.

• What are you most paranoid about? Jake dying at work
• Piercings? Ears.
• Do you know anyone named Penelope? Nope.

• Are you quick to judge people? Yes, but i change my mind quickly.
• Do you like Quaker Oats? Yes we have it 3-4 times a week
• Know anyone that makes quilts? 3 grandmas
• Do you think you're always right? Yes and the world really needs to take notice

• Do you watch reality TV? Love it!
• Best Rock Band of all time? I don't really like Rock.

• Do you prefer sun or rain? Sun
• Do you like snow? NO! I think we should all live in San Deigo.
• What's your favorite season? End of Summer and Early Fall

• time is it? 10:07pm
• What time did you wake up? 5:30am, 8amish, 12pm for good...the girls were watching a movie in my room and i was nursing Ez while i dozed

• Can you ride a unicycle? Do I look like a circus sideshow act?
• Do you know anyone with a unibrow? BWAHAHAHA!!! Yes!
• Uncles do you have? 8, 6 are living

• What’s the worst vegetable? All veges are the worst when overcooked.
• Did you ever watch Veggie Tales? Yes, with my kidlets
• Ever considered being vegan? NO!  I love cow!

• What's your worst habit? Biting my nails, pulling my grey hair out with tweezers, I can go on..
• Do you like water rides? no, I don't like getting wet in anything other that my swimming suit, and since i haven't been in one of those in 2 years...
• Ever been inside a windmill?

• Have you ever had an x-ray? I don't think so.
• Ever used a Xerox machine? I love copying stuff.  I don't know why but it makes me happy.

• Do you like the color yellow? I could do without it.
• What year were you born? 1982
• Do you yell when you're angry? no I cry

• Do you believe in the zodiac? sometimes. usually when I'm hormonal
• What's your zodiac sign? I'm a Capricorn
• What do you think of when you hear the word Zero? mint chocolate

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  1. I loved learning all you about you! Very interesting. I too love chocolate and cow just not together? At least I don't think so. I have enjoyed trying your recipies yummo!


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