May 9, 2009

I just realized!

I feel so bad!...I told myself that I would post everyday.  Well as you can see I have failed in that quite well.  But back on the wagon I go.

Today we had the best day!  We had a 'puppy party' day as my Bex would call it.  We are breeders of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and currently we have a litter of the little devils.   So when our pups are about 5 weeks old ( just about the phase where I want to start pulling my hair out) we invite the puppy parents over to meet their new family member.

Today we also had a puppy photo shoot with a wonderful couple who volunteered to take picture of our pups and a few of the adults for us.  Thanks Emily and Tyler!  I can't wait to post the results.  

I think my dogs are the most beautiful ever.  (sorry everyone else who has a stafford but it's true!)

Well I can hear my chicklets fighting over something totally trivial so I'd better brake up WWIII before it evolves into a screaming  fit (by me).

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