April 29, 2010

The Furry Children {Staffordshire Bull Terrier}

I just realized that I don't really talk much on here about my 'other children'.  I breed Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  I am crazy and have 6.


Claire and Myra 

RIP Jack (the best dog ever!)

Dude (my newest mouse killer!)


I'm a bit biased but these dogs are the best family dogs, period.  They are up for anything you want to do.  Want to climb a mountain they are ready.  Feel like sitting and watching a movie they will be on the couch beside you.  I didn't really know what people meant when they said that these dogs are good with children until I brought my oldest home from the hospital and she met Jack.  Jack's whole personality changed around her.  He would let her maul him and love it!  She even stuck her finger into his eye once up to her first knuckle and he just sat there and took it! ( not that I recommend this at all!)  Jack and Belle would wrestle and play HARD until Bex or Ray Ray would touch them then all would stop to give way to the toddler/baby.
I originally got these dogs to facilitate my husbands love/hobby.  Now, I'm hooked!  (I don't think I would have gotten this many on my own!)  
Jacob says that 'We breed Staffies' but in reality I breed Staffies.   
I am excited about my new boy Dude.  I think that I am going to take him to do dog shows and I would really like to work with him to do Obedience and possibly Lure Coursing.  Of course all the dogs get their share of gopher removal and mouse termination since moving out to the middle of nowhereville.

To see more of these guys and to find out if one is right for your family go to www.gamestaffstaffords.ca

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