March 31, 2009

Stupid Feminists!

I just can't stand it when certain women in society presume to tell me and other women what we are 'entitled to' or what we are 'forced into'.  I know exactly what I am entitled to. I am entitled to be treated fairly and equally but not the same as men. I am entitled to raise my children and not feel pressure from anyone but myself to go back to work outside the home.  I am entitled to respectfully disagree with anyone who tried to convince me that I need more 'me time'.  But most of all I am entitled to fiercely fight anyone or thing that threatens to mess with my family or beliefs.
I have never nor will I ever be forced into anything and I am insulted that some women seem to look down upon women who CHOOSE to sacrifice their careers and become mothers.  Being a Mother is the most Noble and Honorable calling a person can do.  Do people not remember that it is the Mother that teaches the most fundimental and important lessons and virtues and are so valued (and sometimes absent but I'll get to that later) in society today.  Just maybe could people think that the 'old way' of doing 'family' was the best way.  The family were Dad is the bread winner and feel pride in being able to support his family.  A Mother that stays home and manages her family with love and nurturing that only a mother can do.  With Children that have a security that comes from knowing that their mom is waiting at home for them when they get home from school.
I think is just selfish to have the view that you need to not 'lose yourself' once you have children.  I have lost myself.  But I found a much better version of me.  MOM

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  1. Hey Krym! I love your blog it is pretty awesome maybe I should do one...
    love your fav sister


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