November 5, 2011

Christmas Round up Part 3 {Christmas Decor}

Every year, after I get out the Christmas decoration I am amazed at how little I have. So I am going to do a project a year until I feel this 'problem' is resolved.

I have found some good ideas on pinterest.

   Are you Christmas Decoration impared or overloaded?


  1. I am overloaded with sow dated stuff that is cutesy! I need to trade out some stuff. I love pinterest for that!

  2. Hi, Krymsen! (what a beautiful name!) Thanks for sharing your pinterest inspiration! and for leaving such a great comment on my Fall Centerpieces!

  3. You're right, you did find some good ideas! Goodness, I guess I need to go scan pinterest a little more. My hubby LOVES Christmas, so he would be so happy if I had more than 3 ideas.:)


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