December 20, 2010

Holiday Note-to-Self

Here is what always happens in the month of December.  I start out having a great list of projects, cleaning jobs, and stuff to organize, BUT...
due to my already chaotic existence the possibility of getting anything done other than the very necessary is brought about purely by divine intervention.
SO I stay up until Dave the Rooster starts saluting the sunrise just to feel like a good mom/wife.
After years of operating this way I have come up with my very own AH HA moment!


My new christmas countdown will start November 1st.  I figure this will work cause I can put Halloween away and pull out Christmas all at once.  With the added bonus and possibly the most important part, I will have more time to do what would make me happy for the Holiday season without feeling ripped off and exhausted.

Ok so here is the plan.

I am naming it (drum roll please!)

'Krymsen's Awesome Anti-Chaos Christmas Plan'
(I know, hey!)

Nov 1-7 { Decorate and start the tunes}
Nov 8-14 { Mail cards and go shoppin'}
Nov 15-21 { Dejunk house and achieve peace in the Middle East}
Nov 22-28 {Cookie exchange and Organize house and Black Friday Shopping}
Nov 29-Dec 5 { Scrub everything, and get my craft on!}
Dec 6-12 { Go sleding and cure world hunger}
Dec 13-19 { Crafting and cleaning...some more...and win the Mrs. Universe pageant my unanimous decision}
Dec 20-25 { Baking Baking Baking and Deliver said baking to neighbors and friends}
Dec 26-31 {Boxing day shopping, and host New year Eve party}

Hopefully this plan will make my world all rosy and good come next November/December!

Merry Christmas and may your New Year bring lots of chocolate!

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