April 9, 2009

Spring Bling for Straws

As a parent, it’s a joy to make ordinary things a little more special.  Adding a little bling to a straw does just that.  These straw decorations are perfect for everyday or for special events.

Supplies for Straw Decorations:
  • paper
  • double stick tape
  • scissors
  • straw
  • ladybug (wooden or sticker)
1.  Put two sheets of paper together, back-to-back, and cut out desired shape (heart, flower, circle, square…)
2.  Use double stick tape to attach the two shapes together on either side of the straw.
3.  Attach the ladybug with double stick tape.
4.  Invite your friends over to sip lemonade or make your child’s sippy cup look extra happy.

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